5 Romantic Dates on 30A

Aaron Sutton

Everyone has a different idea of romance, but most of us can agree that boxes of chocolates, floral arrangements, and jewelry are nice but not necessarily romantic. This year, turn up the real romance factor by dating outside of the chocolate box.

Have a Breakfast Date at Black Bear Bread Co.

While a nice candlelit dinner date has its charm, it’s time to let the breakfast date shine. The best place to do that on 30A is at the Black Bear Bread Co. Located in a charming black and white cottage setting in Grayton Beach, Black Bear Bread Co. serves Stumptown Coffee and freshly-baked bread as well as breakfast and all-day fare.

It’s the perfect setting for romance. Imagine meeting your paramour early in the morning. Pale yellow sunlight streams in through the windows and the scent of freshly made coffee permeates the air. People bustle around, but everything in your world is standing still. You exchange quiet smiles; you don’t feel quite like talking. At least not yet. You sip your coffee, and the vestiges of last night’s sleep melt away. You can feel the caffeine buzz take hold…or, is it something else? Is it the caffeine, or is it the potential that you’re sipping coffee with the person you’ll share morning coffee with for the rest of your life?

Morning dates are for possibilities without the pressure of anything else needing to transpire other than two people sharing a moment.

Plan a Sunset Picnic on the Beach

There’s something about a picnic that’s inherently romantic. Keep it uncomplicated by packing a picnic basket (or a brown paper bag, whatever your style is) with your favorite bites, some sparkling water (maybe a little sparkling wine or beer, too), and a blanket. While you’re always guaranteed a beautiful scene on the beaches of 30A, head to Topsail Hill Preserve State Parks to guarantee a private moment at the beach preserves.

Since everyone’s romance-meter is tuned to a different frequency, do the picnic your way. Some like to plan ahead and add creative touches like a special playlist for added ambiance; others prefer to keep things spontaneous and stop the Modica Market for sustenance along the way.

“Meet” Each Other at a Local Bar

Set the date and time and then show up separately and pretend you’re meeting for the first time. This is especially fun for creative couples who’ve been together for a long time. Ask each other questions and answer like you’re answering a stranger. Let the setting inspire you. If you’re hanging out at Bud & Alley’s pizza bar, start by asking the other person what the best pizza they ever had was. Where were they? Who were they with? What’s romantic and fun about this date is that if you play along, you might learning a lot of fun and new tidbits about a person who you thought you already knew everything about. You get the thrill of a first date without the anxiety.

Take a Charming Bike Ride around 30A

A midmorning bike ride along Timpoochee Trail is the perfect romantic date for happy couples. The trail runs the span of scenic Highway 30 from Dune Allen to Inlet Beach for a total of 18.6 miles. Start and finish wherever you please; plan to stop in at a local restaurant along the way. The nice thing about this ride is that you don’t have to be a mega-athlete to do it. The trail is mostly flat, so you can easily pedal along, enjoying the scenery, and talking to your favorite person about what you see, stopping when you like, and taking some much-deserved “you-two” time.

Get a Massage…on the Beach

One of the most romantic things a person can do for the person that they love is help them relax. With a couple’s massage, you’re both being put at ease. Take that experience to the next level by booking a couple’s massage at your place or (resuming April 2018) on the beach. Beachside Massage Therapy will bring the luxury and convenience of massage to you, so all you have to do is book the appointment and get comfy. Go the extra mile and have dinner privately catered with 30A Private Chef. The only thing you’ll have to do is pour the wine and turn on the Netflix as you and your love snuggle up on the couch together. At the end of the day, what could be more romantic than that?

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