Love Where You Live: 10 Reasons 30A is the Place to Buy Right Now

Aaron Sutton

30A, the stretch of coastal highway that faces the beautiful Emerald Coast in a series of charming communities like Seaside, Rosemary Beach, Seagrove, Grayton Beach, and others is more than a popular vacation destination or an investment portfolio addition—it’s a community, a place where people live, laugh, love, play, and grow. And while, yes, it is a great investment, the real reasons why all boil down to living the 30A dream.

New Communities (Read: Homes) are Sprouting Up

The year 2018 is kicking off in the face of a real estate shortage, but with new homes popping up on 30A in newly established communities like Grace Point, you have a better chance of getting in at a great value before the market caps. Keep in mind though that it’s essential to act now as property values are still on the rise.

30A Real Estate is Only Going to Get More Valuable

Long-term plans for 30A are targeted toward making it even more accessible to locals, making it easier to get around during the spring and summer when there tend to be more tourists (AKA traffic) around. During the rest of the year, there are only about 12,000 people who call 30A home, which is really nice for people who are looking for a home away from hectic hustle and bustle and who want to spend more time experiencing the beautiful world around them.

Life on 30A is Convenient

Getting around on 30A is easy with everything you need in one place. For example, Seaside was designed as a model of New Urbanism in which everything transpires in one part of town—you can walk to your post office, grocer, job, restaurant bar, etc. and be back home in just a few short minutes. Neighboring communities flowing into one another make it easy to go to and fro.

Each Community has Something Different to Offer

Architecturally, you won’t find another area as diverse as 30A. Each community has its own personality. Rosemary Beach is charmingly French-inspired (a bit like New Orleans’ French Quarter); Grayton Beach is chill and laid back. Alys Beach’s New Urban Bermudan architecture is world-class. Meanwhile, in cozy Blue Mountain Beach, you’ll find traditional Floridian cottage-style homes. No matter where you live, it’s fine living.

30A Life is Luxurious but Not Pretentious

There’s a major misconception that 30A locals are all rich snobs, but actually, the locals are mostly comprised of talented, passionate people who work and keep 30A churning year-round. Even the chefs, artists, innovators, etc. who are quite wealthy are very down-to-earth.

The Setting is Literally Paradise

That could have something to do with where 30A is located. It’s hard to be anything but happy and relaxed when your daily walk or the view from your kitchen window involves a view of sparkling, crystal clear emerald waters and tropical, picturesque sunsets and sunrises.

Living on 30A Makes You Healthier

Thanks to the South Walton Beach area’s warm, sunny climate, locals spend a lot of time outdoors, which benefits the mind and body. They start their morning enjoying their morning coffee on the back porch, the refreshing scent of briny ocean water wafting on the gentle breeze. They do beach yoga, kayak, bicycle or jog the length of 30A, take walks…. You’re never far from grabbing a freshly-made organic juice blend as a pick-me-up, either.

There’s Always Something to Do

You’re never bored on 30A. There’s always a charitable event or major event like 30A Songwriters Festival, the Seaside School Half Marathon and 5K Run, or the nationally-acclaimed Destin Charity Wine Auction taking place.

The Food & Wine are World-Class

Unlike most beach communities, 30A is a draw for some of the country’s most talented chefs whose commitment to quality ingredients and innovative cuisine translate onto the plate. The offerings vary in terms of luxury (like George’s at Alys Beach to Shades Bar & Grill, Bud & Alley’s, or the new Black Bear Bread Co.) but never in terms of quality.

It’s Only Going to Get Better

The people, the food, the art…local culture is only going to get better; though, the qualities that make 30A special will stay the same. Locals are dedicated to preserving the natural splendor of 30A, so if you want to live in paradise without falling off the map, 30A is where you need to be. Given that properties are only going to increase in value in this area, why wait until retirement to start living the dream?

Sometimes, happiness is only a new address away. Live in a place you love. Contact 30A realtor Cameron Strayhan; she’s got the key to your new home.