Most Romantic Views on 30A

Aaron Sutton

Romance is like real estate; it’s all about location, location, location. Whether you’re going for a bike ride, having a picnic, taking photos, going for a stroll, or doing something else, the view can make or break the moment. In case you didn’t know, 30A is considered one of the most romantic destinations on the northwest Florida Gulf Coast, and these are the most romantic views.

Cerulean Park at WaterColor

Cerulean is a vibrant hue of blue green; the word cerulean is a derivative of a word meaning ‘heaven, sky,” which makes sense given the feeling of heaven one gets at WaterColor’s Cerulean Park. Walk across a footbridge or take a seat above a cerulean-colored circular water feature. Stroll along tree-lined paths as a babbling brook water feature burbles alongside you. The scent of flowers, the sound of birds chirping, and the colorful sights at this exotic park will tantalize your senses.

The Rosemary Beach Butterfly Garden

New Orleans French-inspired Rosemary Beach is aesthetically romantic enough based solely on the architecture, but one of the most charming and romantic views are to be had at the butterfly garden. Stroll along the wooden boardwalk amidst colorful flora and fauna and—of course, playful flitting butterflies.

The Zero-Entry Pool at Alys Beach’s Caliza

Speaking of architecture, the white Bermudian-inspired architecture of Alys Beach is love at first sight for many. Located in Alys Beach is the exquisite Caliza Restaurant. You come to Caliza for the al fresco ambiance and the coastal cuisine, but you lose your heart to the softly-lit zero-gravity pool, which completes a scene so perfect, you’ll swoon.

Experiencing Coastal Dune Lakes in a Kayak

Coastal Dune Lakes are a unique phenomenon. They only occur in a handful of places in the world; 30A is lucky enough to be one of them. These lakes are filled by briny sea water that spills in and then recedes away. They are relatively unspoiled and uniquely contain a mixture of salt and freshwater making for a very different marine environment.

Coastal Dune Lakes are beautiful no matter what time of day you explore them, but if you take a canoe or kayak tour at sunrise or sunset, the visual composition of placid waters and pink-orange skyline is truly resplendent.

Dinner with an Oceanfront Sunset View

Wining and dining on 30A is a romantic enough endeavor, but when you factor in an oceanfront sunset view, the experience is magical. There are multiple places along 30A that boast views of the coveted emerald coast, but these seem to take the cake:

Fish Out of Water in Watercolor

The best dining times are as the sun is setting. The ocean sparkles under a passionately fiery sky as it bids farewell to the day and welcomes dusk and the promise of mysterious night.

Be Charmed by the Chapel at Seaside

You don’t have to be getting married to go to the chapel at Seaside. The simple white vertical structure is like something out of a southern novel. With its belfry tower standing stories above the surrounding trees, the nondenominational Seaside Interfaith Chapel will, at the very least, turn you into a believer that arched ceilings, and simply architecture can be romantic in their own right.

In Love with the Ocean Views at Inlet Beach

It’s not possible to talk about romantic views without looking to 30A’s most attractive feature: the ocean, the Emerald Coast. While there are more places to experience the beauty and the romantic charm of the Emerald Coast’s crystal-clear waters and sugar white sands than Inlet Beach (like, perhaps the back porch of your own beach house?), Inlet Beach offers an expanse of unfettered natural views unrivaled by any other. You get a sense of something greater, of something wonderful, of magic and of possibility when you stand in the presence of the majestic, the mighty Emerald Coast.

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