How To Celebrate SPRING like a SPRING BREAKER

Cameron Strayhan

It’s March, which means spring has officially sprung on 30A (no need to wait around for the official solstice). The air is warm, and you can taste the salty surf in the breeze. It’s definitely time to unwind, which we know spring breakers know how to do better than anyone around, which is why we’re taking a leaf out of the ultimate vacationers’ rule book and celebrating spring like spring breakers.

Clear Your Calendar & Unplug

One thing spring breakers have the market on is being completely carefree, so take a page out of their planners and clear your calendar of all of the clutter that’s putting stress lines on your forehead.

  • Schedule some time away from meetings.
  • Put up your e-mail away message and back away from the computer.
  • If you routinely work from your phone, put it down and unplug. (Okay, I realize this means you can’t take selfies like a spring breaker, but it’s a worthwhile trade because most of those selfies should probably never go live anyway.)

Once you’ve given yourself permission to distance yourself from daily stressors, carpe diem. Do the things you always want to do but never have time for.

Have a Shame-Free Day Drink

While I definitely don’t endorse anyone day drinking like a sot (or night drinking like one for that matter), there’s no denying spring breakers have day drinking down to a sort of art (albeit one seemingly inspired by Picasso and rendered by Jackson Pollock).

Despite that disturbing image, why not help yourself to a drink during lunch…on a weekday? Just…try to keep your expression more in the vein of Seurat’s famous “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte”.  Hello, Monday motivation. Afterward, treat yourself to a nap because let’s be honest there’s no better way to cap off a lunch-cap than with a little afternoon snooze.

Have It Your Way, All Day, Every Day

When I say “have it your way, all day, every day” I don’t mean you should eat at Burger King five days a week to save money for making hunch punch like spring breaker you circa the college years might have had to do (while blasting Journey on your Trans Am’s stereo, of course), but I do mean you should blast your diet out of the water (preferably while on the water).

Forget counting calories or a sensible shake for breakfast or whatever it is you usually do because our 30-something bodies just can’t do what our 20-something bodies could (the need for probiotics is real, am I right?). Instead, have a chocolate croissant or a crepe for breakfast, tuna tartare for lunch, and order a dang steak for dinner. Eat butter. Try the escargot (it even rhymes with YOLO, for crying out loud).

Go Out, Get Weird, Sleep in Late

Spring breakers are the vacationers who never sleep. They’re like living, breathing versions of New York. Take a page out of their playbooks by getting a sitter and going out (for your children, not yourself; though, do make sure to have already set up your Uber account). Go somewhere that makes you feel young. Do karaoke. Wear that outfit that you stopped wearing five years ago because…maturity. Dance like you spent the better part of 20 years training for it even though you’re clearly self-taught. Live. Take no prisoners; take no pictures–it’s a night to be remembered in fuzzy mental snapshots only.

Do Something You’ve Never Done

Lastly spring breakers are some of the most uninhibited people on the planet, which inspires them to do things that they wouldn’t normally do. These activities range from stand-up-paddle boarding to riding a jet ski to getting tattoos and piercings to skydiving.

While I have nothing against getting ink done (anything but getting the words “eat, pray, love” tattooed to your right shoulder blade in Sanskrit, though. I have my limits.), I recommend doing something you want to do but just can’t justify when you’re being “responsible you.”

Depending on where you are in life, this could be anything from say buying a piece of valuable (or unjustifiably not-so-valuable) work of art (painting, sculpture, whatever) to getting a new vehicle or a boat that’s going to take your summer loving living to the next level, to investing in a new piece of property (provided you’ve already weighed the pros and cons and know you can afford it).  If you’re not sure, skydive, then see how you feel.

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